Jason is that most rare blend of deep technical skill, unmatched problem solving, solid appreciation and respect for the creative process, and well-tuned aesthetic sensibility. He is sought after as a project leader, consultant, and mentor by the people who know him or his work. Most importantly, he assertively and intelligently challenges the status quo with smart new solutions. Jason has worked through some of the most difficult challenges in web, mobile and e-commerce with many “Fortune 100” companies.

With over 30 years of integration, web & mobile experience, Jason has been coding for nearly 40 years - since he was in elementary school! He has mastered technologies from Java to .NET, nodejs to PHP, Azure, AWS, Hadoop, MSSQL, MongoDB, and Redis, he has a broad and deep understanding of all the major web, CMS, CRM & cloud technologies, and most of the minor ones. Always keeping an eye towards the future, he eats beta programs for lunch - literally - because of the breadth of his experience he can learn new technologies to a high degree of competence very, very quickly.

He was also an early adopter of Machine Learning/AI - reading whitepapers in the early 2000’s, and incorporating various forms of NLP, text classification, entity recognition, various recommendation engine techniques such as collaborative filtering, computer vision into projects as early as 2005! That gives him 15+ years experience with AI/ML. This includes much recent work using some of the more advanced frameworks and tools from Google, huggingface, Apple, and more.

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