Open Source

  • 1993 - Temple of the Dog Font - very first “shareware”/opensource project - I created a font from the handwriting on the Temple of the Dog album liner.
  • 2004 - Handy - my first software open source project - some utilities for ColdFusion development
  • 2007 - FlashDoctors - this was a bigger project I created while head of front-end development for Target. We worked with a lot of agencies at the time, and needed a consistent way to configure the data & behavior for LOTS of Adobe Flash applications. I ported the Spring framework from Java to Flash/Actionscript, and convinced Target to allow us to open source it. Flashdoctors was the result - it was one of the earlier corporate open source projects a the time.
  • 2011 - Google+ “api” - At launch, Google+ had no public api - so I reverse engineered their rest calls, and created one in Java so folks could crawl their own social graphs. I also did an extensive crawl of the entire user base at the time - and did some cool graphs.
  • 2015 - Smartthings Apps/Devices - When I was a Smarthings user, I open sourced some of my custom devices/apps.
  • 2023 - coming soon - I have a large project I’ve been working on solo, and will be ready to release it soon.