There were a few sugestions by members of the CF community to make Handy CFC tester open source… so I’m going to give it a try.

Along with the move to open source, I’m going to make “Handy” more of a suite of usefull ColdFusion/Mach-II stuff. To be included at launch will be:

  • Handy/TestSuite/index.cfm - the Handy CFC browser/tester.
  • Handy/BeanGen/index.cfm - a simple utility to generate CFCs with Java Bean get/set methods. Usefull if you do any Mach-II development.
  • handy.dao - a base class for all my dao objects, has only one fuction right now to convert results of a query to a struct - for passing instance data to an object (memento).
  • handy.validatable - a base class for all my objects which need to have a “validate” funciton. Has functions for keeping track of what’s wrong with certain fields, or in general.
  • handy.plugins.ServerProperties - lets you have mach-ii properties defined outside of the mach-ii config file - usefull if you want to manage mach-ii with Source control, but need different properties on different servers.
  • handy.plugins.EventData - allows you to have an XML config file to specify data for events. You can also specify other buckets of data which you can include on specified events (like an include) This allows powerful setup of meta-data per-event, but doesn’t tie you to your mach-ii.xml file to do so.
  • Handy/MachIIMapper/index.cfm - maps a mach-ii application in many ways. Requires GraphViz to be installed, and you need CFEXECUTE permissions.

I’m submitting “Handy Suite” to SourceForge today, so with any luck, I’ll have all the code and docs up there, along with the CVS repository.

If you’re interested in contributing, contact me, or check out the sourceforge site after I post it here.