As part of my involvement with Common Crawl Foundation, I recently attended the “AI and the Right To Learn on an Open Internet: A Conversation Convened by Common Crawl Foundation and Professor Jeff Jarvis” in New York.

Jeff and Rich ended the conference by going wide and asking the entire group of attendees for next steps.

The suggestion I put forth was to pair the policy makers and lawyers with data scientists or software engineers to develop robust ways of validating whatever the policies might be.

I arrived home to my printed copy of CACM, where this newly published article ties in nicely with that idea.

The authors (Nicholas Berente, Cameron Kormylo, and Christoph Rosenkranz) propose combination of discourse ethics and test-driven development as a framework.

Best call to action from the article:

“We advocate for a test-driven ethical development approach rooted in pragmatist discourse ethics. We encourage organizations to construct and share open-source ethical test libraries, datasets, and best practices to advance this approach and harness the power of ML to contribute to a better world.”

I think this is one possible implementation of HOW such a collaboration might work.