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Jason Grey, a fervent early adopter of AI and machine learning, knows firsthand the power and mystique surrounding this transformative technology. In this unsettling episode of Cupalo Conversations, Jason confronts the stark reality: AI’s impending impact on the job market. Foreshadowing a future where white-collar professions, like software engineering and law, will face a staggering reduction in available jobs.

A double-edged sword, while AI it enhances efficiency, it also threatens traditional roles. With companies primarily focused on profitability, individuals must cautiously navigate AI’s societal implications, self-regulating its usage while preparing for possible disruptions.

His advice to aspiring computer scientists: don’t pursue a degree in Computer Science unless you’re ready to specialize in ML and math.

However, amidst the looming uncertainty, Jason also highlights the potential positives AI brings. Recent advancements, fueled by abundant data and larger models, have propelled AI into unforeseen territories. Tools like ChatGPT exemplify this progress, enabling fluid human-computer interactions. Multimodal models, trained across various data types, promise better understanding and translation capabilities. AI tools offer avenues for skill enhancement and income generation. Jason encourages individuals to embrace continuous learning and adaptability.

Tune in to gain invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of AI, its implications on the job market, and strategies for navigating its impact on society and individual careers.

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